About Me

Hello darlings! Sandhya here, coming to you from Maryland, USA! I blow my candles out every February, and I am currently 20-something years old.

I hope that someday this blog will also be about luxury, fashion, and adventures in my career, but right now it’s focused on traveling and random thoughts.

For the longest time my dream job was to be a wedding planner and interior designer, but I’ve already made the wedding planner dream come true, and as for interior design, I don’t see myself on HGTV any time soon, but strolling down the aisles of Pier 1 Imports is good enough for now. I also dreamt of being a lawyer, and recently, I was sworn in and able to make that a reality too! 🙂

So here’s to new dreams, and new adventures. 🥂

Lastly, I love making new friends (and connecting with my old ones!), so please don’t hesitate in following me or sending me a message! 

I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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