All Aboard Nantahala River Gorge and Day #4

Hello everyone:) Thank you for your patience, here is Day 4, and the last of my Visiting Tennessee Series! Here is a post from Sunday, July 31 2016:) Because Monday was spent on the roadtrip back, I’m going to include a “Tips for Traveling” Post that I hope you all find well!

On the last day of our vacation, we drove to North Carolina and went on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Train on the Nantahala River Excursion. The train was leaving at 10 am which means we had to leave Glenstone Lodge by 8 in order to make it there on time!

Two hours later, we reached North Carolina and the station! The excursion was nice, we sat in a “booth” and had unlimited refreshments. It was one of those old trains that I’ve always wanted to go on so it was actually quite the adventure!

Although I definitely think it was overpriced, it was a cheerful experience overall. We stopped over at the gorge for about an hour where we ate lunch, we all got hummus wraps and shredded chicken burgers, and the train headed back safely. Overall it was a peaceful four hour excursion!

After the train ride, we drove around Bryson City and also went to the highest point in Smoky Mountain, Clingmans Dome, which is also in the top 10 highest peaks on the East Coast. Seriously, it was absolutely beautiful. Although Smoky Mountain is no where close to Yellowstone Park (sorry, but Yellowstone is seriously amazing), it was still definitely a site to see 🙂

We went home that day, enjoyed Harry Potter to finish up the Harry Potter Weekend on FreeForm, and ate some Chipotle. It was a nice end to a great vacation!

I hope you all enjoyed the final post of the Visiting Tennessee Series:) Tune in tomorrow for traveling tips!

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  1. I’ve had vacations coincide with harry potter weekends as well…THE BEST.

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    1. Sandhya says:

      Hahahah I COMPLETELY AGREE. It’s nice to come back home from a long and tiring day and then just curl up in bed and watch Harry Potter

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