Miami: Good Food, Good Vibes, and Good Weather


Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you all are having good food, good vibes, and good weather on this Sunday morning!

To continue my “Visiting Florida” Series, I’m writing about The Keys!

So as you guys know from my previous post, it is now the fifth day of my Florida Trip, and this will be a short post because it’s the last few hours of my 5th day of the trip.

On our ride back from the Keys, which also should have only taken 3 hours but ended up taking 5 because of traffic, pit stops, Starbucks runs, and roadside food, we finally reached MIAMI!

Ever since I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin I’ve been super obsessed with Miami and Florida in general, even though they film the entire show in LA. Still, finally being in the heart of Florida beaches was exciting.

Since it was late when we arrived at our hotel, our only activity for the day was to go get food. Luckily, Dolphin Mall was nearby. Dolphin Mall is Miami-Dade County’s largest mall, and there is something for everyone here. There were so many families and little children nearby, I knew this was the family spot to be!

We ate at P.F. Changs, and walked around the mall. Even though it was 11 at night, there was still so much activity. It was nothing like the malls here in Maryland, which all close at 9 pm. The Mall had a completely different aura around it. It was like being at the Premium Outlets on Black Friday, with a DJ blasting music, people walking around with at least 10 bags each, and parents dropping their kids off at the movie theater in the mall while they went around and shopped.

The weather was fantastic and the feeling was great. I was mainly ready to be out of the Keys already, but I knew the last few days of my trip would still be as amazing as the first few.

Although this was a short post, the next day was just as crazy, and will be split into two posts: The Everglades, and Downtown Miami! Tune in tomorrow 🙂

Also, Happy International Day of Girls and Women in STEM! Hooray for #STEMPower!



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