Miami: There’s Something About The Sunshinee…

Happy Galentines Day!

As usual, I am going to post tomorrow about Valentines day and basically how ridiculous of a holiday it is. Today I was going to post a double feature, first with my last evening in Miami, then a second post about my last day in Florida. But I decided Thursday is when I’ll post about my last day! 🙂

To continue my “Visiting Florida” Series, I’m writing about Downtown Miami and the Art Deco district.

So our day was already really busy, after coming from Everglades National Park and the boat tour. We had about half of a day left, so we drove the hour to get to downtown Miami. We had a few things planned to do for the day, including going to Miami Beach, South Beach, the Historic Art Deco District, and exploring Downtown Miami. Also if we had time, I had hoped that we could walk down the beautiful residential street in Coral Gables.

Before we reached downtown Miami, we were driving around and saw many families walking around in a beautiful park, with strollers, dogs, and cameras. A couple was even having their engagement photoshoot in this park. I wish I could remember the name to tell all of you! (After doing some Googling, I believe we visited Brickell Key Park, and I highly recommend you go as well!)

We took pictures by the water, saw a few cruise ships pass by, and took some iconic pictures next to several palm trees. After an hour photo op we made our way to the beach. We got a perfect parking right outside one of the beach entrances! Miami and South Beach were both on the list, and I’m sure natives can tell you the difference between them, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell where one ended and the other started!

I’ve since learned that Miami Beach is on a barrier island, which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. While South Beach is a part of Miami. The dividing line between the two beaches is 23rd Street, north of which is the Miami Beach, and south is, you guessed it, South Beach. No matter the name, they were both beautiful: the blue water, the warm sand between your toes, the large sandcastles, and families playing beach volleyball. It’s been a long time since we were at the beach, but this was definitely worth it. Best of all, the beach was clean!

Since we visited the Art Deco Historic District, I know that we started at Miami Beach. The district was beautiful, with museums, colorful hotels, and local restaurants. Although we were too late to visit the Visitor Center, we experienced the Miami culture anyway!

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner, and so we headed to Rosa Mexicano for dinner, after a few of our friends spoke highly of the place. I got to admit though, the guacamole was the highlight of the restaurant, and I much prefer Guapos Cantina back home! Still, it was a beautiful restaurant located right on Lincoln Road.

After dinner we walked to a nearby fountain and enjoyed our last evening in Florida.



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