Thankful for the Ordinary Moments

First, Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!

Second, it’s been some time since we chatted, so I hope you all are doing well. Today I got a newsletter from Josie — who is incredible by the way — about gratitude and it inspired me to blog as well!

Thanksgiving is a very lovely time of the year for many people – it’s filled with good food, warm company, watching football in the living room, wholesome vibes all around. But for some other people, Thanksgiving can be kind of tough — especially during covid where you may not be able to be with your family, or perhaps it just doesn’t feel the same.

Or maybe you’re like me, where Thanksgiving is just a really lowkey day for you in general. I’m just sitting on my bed and typing this blog post. Later today I’ll do some work, read a book, cook with my brother, and then watch a movie with my family!

But you know, sometimes these lowkey days are really nice. It reminds me of something Brene Brown said that changed my life – about ordinary moments. Completely paraphrasing here, but:

Sometimes in life we’re so busy chasing the extraordinary moments that we forget about the ordinary moments.

But those ordinary moments are the ones that I blog about, and the ones that I tell my friends about, and the ones that I miss when I’m thinking back to when I was younger. Little things like sitting next to my friends every day during lunch in High School, or being able to take whatever class I wanted as an elective in college, or even online classes during law school.

And now to quote Leah Nobel:

There’s magic in details, the tender, small gestures of love, and the way they all add up

These forgettable moments are the ones that I’m most thankful for. Today I slept in, I watched 2 Thanksgiving-themed Friends episodes with my mom, and now I’m sitting here listening to the Warm and Fuzzy Spotify playlist. And this is probably what I’ll remember about Thanksgiving 2021.

No matter what your feelings about Thanksgiving are and how you’re celebrating today, I think we should all take some take to exercise some extra gratitude. While I’m grateful for a lot, today I’m especially thankful for all the kind people I know who have made my life better – your kindness, patience, and generosity gives me hope and makes me into a better person!

I hope all of you take the time and exercise some gratitude today 🙂 Especially now that 2021 is almost over, I think it’s important to reflect on ourselves and the past few months and make goals for the near future!

I can’t wait to hear what all of you are thankful for 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Until next time! 🙂



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