Mindful Monday


So today I am not feeling well, so I took the day off of work and I’m currently at home. Let me tell you, it was not a great feeling – the guilt associated with not being at work runs really deep. The guilt will stay until I’m back at work tomorrow and working 2x harder than I need to be just to overcompensate not being at work today.

But alas, here I am, and the rest of my family isn’t feeling great either – oral surgery, change in weather cold, overworked and overstressed, you know the deal.

But despite all of us being lowkey miserable, I’m in a great mood (I mean, great is subjective, physiologically definitely not, and mentally the guilt still runs deep, but emotionally, I’m alright!)

I’m feeling fairly grateful and mindful today – lots of meditation, lots of reframing, and lots of gratitude for the small things. So in between doing work from home, I wondered “what would make me happy today?” and I realized that it’s a Lizzie McGuire day

So here I am, watching Lizzie McGuire on Disney+

If you believe
We’ve got a picture perfect plan
We’ve got you fooled
Cause’ we only do the best we can
And sometimes we make it
Sometimes we fake it
But we get one step closer each and every day
We will figure it out on the way

– We’ll figure it out – Angie Jaree
Lizzie McGuire Theme Song [Extended Version]

There’s just something nostalgic and feelgood about this show.

Other than watching Lizzie McGuire, I’m just going to be catching up on journaling, updating my planner, doing some lowkey work, continuing to clean my room because it’s quite the undertaking, and maybe getting to eat my favorite pasta (tbd).

But I spent some time with my family, watching this feel good Bollywood movie, and I feel light today 🙂

To all of you reading this, I hope you have a lovely Monday – Mondays are tough, but it’s halfway over 🙂

Until next time,



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  1. Petition for us to go to a big empty room with a bunch of red exercise balls and jam out

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