Twenty-Done, now it’s time for Twenty-One

Here it is. February 27th. The last day of me being 20… FOREVER.

I know that sounds really dramatic, but my 20s were a good year.

I actually really like February 27th a lot. Two years ago it was when I met Kal Penn at school when he was giving a talk about … well who knows what really, I was just in awe that he’s standing in front of me. Then last year I saw Penn Masala when they chose me from the audience to dance with them, and then proceeded to give me the most comfy shirt ever (I’m actually wearing it right now!) Unfortunately, I don’t have any groundbreaking plans today to meet anyone famous, but maybe if fate is on my side then I’ll run into someone exciting

I feel like I should create a bucket list of stuff to do today so I can start of my 21st the right way:

  1. Eat 5 cups of fruits and vegetables
  2. Drink 8 cups of water

… Okay now for the real ones

  1. Order a coffee drink I haven’t had before. I’m thinking: a coconut milk latte
  2. Clean my room to start off the year clean. It’s time to finally put away those clothes and organize the stack of papers and books on my desk
  3. Study for at least 6 hours: The work grind never ends
  4. Make a “21 resolution” list! (Foreshadowing a future post)

For the rest, I looked up 21 things to do before you turn 21, and these are the ones I liked

  1. Conquer a fear: The rush, the excitement, and the feeling of conquering something you never thought you could do is an out of this world experience you should have before you turn 21.
  2. Bake with my mom! I used to do this all the time, but now that I live on campus, we rarely get to do this! I’m thinking we’ll make this
  3. Order dinner and watch a movie with my family while drinking tea and eating the fabulous dessert we made for #8
  4. Write a letter to my future self. This is the one that I’m looking the most forward to! I used to love reading the “Dear Future Self” letters, I usually use the Email Capsule, but this time I’m going to actually handwrite it and put it away somewhere! I’ll write 3 letters: one to my 25 year old self, one to my 30 year old self, and one to my 50 year old self!

Anyway, I just hope that my 21st birthday and the next year is a great one with even more memories with the ones I love 🙂

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