Pack your Bags, It’s RoadTrip Time

Hello everyone 🙂

The last you heard from me, I was getting a haircut and trying to imitate celebrities on Instagram.. gone are those days. So here’s an update 🙂 Work is going well, Summer is more than halfway over and I don’t think I’ve done anything “summer-y”, and I just came back from a Road Trip with my family!

We went to Tennessee and Smoky Mountain and it was a really great experience! I really like road trips, you are there with your family, you can control the temperature in the car, you can play music that you like out loud, and you can take stops along the way to eat at restaurants and fast food places that you like … Everything you can’t do, in a plane 🙂

I had limited WiFi during the trip so the next few posts are all going to be flashbacks of my “Visiting Tennessee” series, where I recap my stay at an extravagant resort, talk about traveling in Smoky Mountain, and give some traveling tips!

Stay tuned 🙂

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