I Hopped Off The Plane at MCO With A Dream And My Cardigan…

To continue my Backlogged Blog Post Streak, I have decided to finally get back to what my travel blog is about … my travels!

So yes, all of you that have waited patiently for my recount of my trip to Florida in, yes, December 2016, today is your lucky day! Wow, what a long time ago, but it was an amazing trip and I feel like I need to share my amazing experience with all of you

So here we go, Welcome to Florida!

To start my “Visiting Florida” Series, here’s a post from Saturday, December 24, 2016 🙂

Usually a month or so before December, we all gather in the family room and talk about ideas for places to visit during the Winter Break, because before we know it, my brother and I won’t have corresponding days off school anymore. Usually we all shuffle our feet and twiddle our thumbs trying to get out of making any concrete decision, because the thought of packing bags and not sleeping in for a week is not that appealing. But this year was different.

Ever since it opened, our family and I have been wanting to go to Harry Potter World in Universal Studies in Orlando. Finally, the time had come. It had been 10 years since we had last been to Florida, and the previous trip we strictly went to Disney World.

Even though Disney was my favorite, this time we made sure to take full advantage of Universal Studios. We planned our week long trip and before we knew it, it was December 24, 2016, and it was time to fly to Florida!

It was rather unusual for us to fly to a state that we usually drive to – after all, we drove to Tennessee, and Toronto, and Maine, why not Florida too? I’m not complaining however, as all of you guys know, I adore airports and planes.

We took a flight on Christmas Eve and reached Orlando in the evening, picked up Pizza Hut on the way (big shoutout to their amazingggg Cajun Fries, I’m obsessed) then made our way straight to the hotel. Although I insisted that we continue our Gaylord excursions and stay in the Florida location on this trip, we stayed at the Orlando World Center Resort. It was a beautiful hotel, the pictures do not give it justice, and the best part was, it was only 20 minutes away from Universal Studios. Not to mention the indoor Starbucks (pictured above) was pretty great too hehe

On our first day in Orlando, we pretty much just spent the evening in the hotel and were ready to get up bright and early the next day!

Celebrating Christmas Eve without the snow, and that too, in 80 degree weather, was definitely a strange experience. All month long I hope for a “white Christmas,” and this was the complete opposite. Lucky for us though, the weather was amazing, the sun was shining, and we were all ready to make the most of our next week in The Sunshine State.

Tune in tomorrow for my love for Harry Potter, and the rest of the week for continued updates for my trip in Florida!



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Until next time cuties 🙂


Update: I incorrectly called the Orlando Airport ORD .. confusing Chicago, when I meant to write MCO. Oops! Oh well 🙂

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