Sandhya of Themyscira

Hello everybody!

I’m continuing my streak of posting my blog posts to catch up on all of the ones I haven’t posted. The following is from June 19, 2017. 


It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted, so here are a few updates, I’ve graduated! It’s such a nice feeling; the unknown used to terrify me but I’m now suddenly so excited about the fact that my future is open. So lately I’ve been doing things that I haven’t had time to do before, and that includes, catching up on my blog posts!

Yeah way to do that Sandhya.

This past weekend (a year ago) I had the opportunity of attending the Washington D.C. AwesomeCon, and of course, I dressed up as Diana/Wonder Woman because she’s absolutely incredible. AwesomeCon itself was something like I’ve never experienced before, and it was a great first year to go. Although this year Neville, nor any other Harry Potter characters were there, I still had a great time.

I got to see David Tennant (we were like 100 feet away and we ALMOST made eye contact like 12 times) which was incredible, and attending a talk by John Barrowman was probably the most I’ve laughed in a really long time! I also bought cute knockoff LEGO characters: Harry Potter, Iron Man, and of course, Wonder Woman! 

On top of that, my best friend Katie (who is also falling behind on her blog posts) dressed up as Queenie from Fantastic Beasts and absolutely killed it! 

Even though I’m still completely exhausted from the outing, I can’t wait to go again next year!! 🙂


As an update! I plan to go to AwesomeCon again this year! Instead of taking place in June, it’s actually in March, which will pose some problems weather wise (here’s to hoping its 75 degrees that day!!!!). I’m extremely excited to go – I feel like, especially now in 2018, it’s important to do the things you love. Everyone at this convention was so caring, friendly, and helpful. I think when watching the news, and working where I do, I tend to forget how much love we actually have for each other, and this convention does just that! I mean, its great, a bunch of people who are as obsessed with Harry Potter as me, pay to hang out with other Harry Potter obsessed people! What a time to be alive!! 
This year I’m planning on going as Captain America! Since I’ve decided early enough on, I’m hoping that I won’t be up all night before the convention making my costume (the way I was last year!). Have you guys ever tried DIYing a cosplay? It’s not as easy as everyone on Pinterest makes it seem!!

I encourage all of you to go out and do more of what you love this year! And if you do go to the convention, then let me know, I would love to meet up!!

Until next time!



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