The Road Trip to Harvard

Good Evening Everyone! Happy Saturday 🙂

Right now I’m drinking coffee from a Starbucks “Boston” mug to get in the mood for this blog post, and yum it’s delicious 🙂

Welcome to the second of my “Visiting Boston” Series!

So now it is Friday, April 14, 2017, and I just arrived in Boston to be greeted by my dad at the airport! It was really exciting to be able to spend my mom and dad’s anniversary in one of my favorite cities in the country!

But since I basically stayed up all night after the Cotillion and didn’t get any sleep on the plane, while my parents and brother were walking the city for a few hours in the morning, I went to the hotel room to catch some Zzz.

3 AMAZING hours later I woke up and my family and I headed downtown. We drove around for a little bit and we had, you guessed it, PF Changs! It’s pretty much our go-to spot when we want to eat out but can’t decide what to eat. Their lettuce wraps, their sushi, their soups, wow, my mouth is drooling just thinking about it! Ironically enough, earlier today we went to PF Changs too 🙂

We walked and drove around the Harvard Area (and those of you that guessed it, yes the title is a Gilmore Girls reference!) and hung out in Cambridge. We had plans to go to the Science Museum again this trip (the last time we visited Boston was inn 2006, and it was a part of our combined Boston-Maine-Nova Scotia trip), but decided not to! But if you haven’t been, I highly recommend you go!

After lunch we headed back to the Hotel because my parents had been up since 6 am and it was nap time again whoo! This was pretty much out of character: most trips that we take, we never head back to the hotel and nap in the afternoon, nor do we not go about and see everything, but since this was just a “weekend” trip, we decided to just hang out anyway. A much needed break from school for both me and my brother to be honest!

Then of course to round off the Anniversary celebration, we headed to Harvard Square and ate at The Maharaja, which means The King in Hindi! Although we dined with 100 Harvard students, it was quite the nice experience!

We then headed home for a quiet night and watched The Great British Baking Show on television and fell asleep 🙂

I wish all vacations were like this!

Check me out tomorrow when I talk about my last and busiest day in Boston!

Also super happy birthday (February is way too popular a month to be born) to Artur! Enjoy 23 dude! Can’t wait for you to come back to MD soon so we can celebrate with chipotle and starbucks!



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