Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market: Day 3 in Boston

Happy Monday and President’s Day to Everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday, I know I did!

Now I’m back to give the third and last post in the “Visiting Boston” series.

Now it is Saturday, April 15, 2017. Originally we were going to spend the whole day in Boston and then head out on Sunday, but decided against it. Although my brother and I were doing a great job pretending we weren’t going to be swamped with homework and tests when we got back late Sunday night, our parents knew better and planned for our success rather than our laziness. Thanks mom and dad 🙂

So we had to jam-pack a lot of activities on Saturday and we still had to leave at an early enough time so we wouldn’t reach Maryland back at 3 am. So the next day, we went to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. I was so used to bundling up with Maryland’s odd weather that I wore a winter sweater when it was pretty much 65 degrees outside.

We ate lunch at Wagamama, this amazing restaurant which I wish was also in Maryland. It was also the first time that I ate Edamame – it just didn’t make sense to me that they wouldn’t take out the pods from the podling thing when they served it. Wouldn’t it be easier to season it after? Isn’t this a choking hazard? So essentially, while my parents and brother enjoyed chili edamame, I struggled to figure out how to eat it. The food was delicious too! My spice tolerance has gone down a great deal and I was struggling a little bit but it was fun all the same!

I absolutely love this area so much. The last time I came here it was Mothers Day 2009, and we were taking an 8th Grade Magnet Trip to Boston. I remember buying a lot of unnecessary clothes, visiting MIT, and buying a Build-A-Bear. We did do a little shopping though. One of my friends told me that whenever he visits a new place, he gets a Starbucks mug from that city, so I thought I would start doing that too! Even though I have hundreds of drinking mugs, these are so sentimental and beautiful. So of course, I headed over to the nearest Starbucks (Google Maps didn’t help me at all with this, it was impossible to find), that we had to ask a guy leaving Wagamamas where he got his Frappucino from. As I’m typing this, I’m drinking coffee from this beautiful mug!

We then went to the Haagen Dazs shop and I got ice cream in this waffle bowl. To be honest, I got it more for the chocolate covered bowl than I did for the ice cream.

Because we had to quickly make a move on, and this was not our first visit, we drove around a little bit, checked out where the Boston Marathon is held, and then headed home.

Boston is similar to There’s just something about this area I love so much. I’ve been to Boston 3 times in my life and I want to keep coming back. I hope we once again get to visit soon!

Thanks for joining me on my Boston trip, it was really a super fun experience thinking back to my favorite city in the world!


Birthday Shoutout: Happy Birthday Shivani! I can’t believe you’re 22! I hope you enjoy being 22 as much as I did! I can’t wait to see you soon and celebrate!




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