Winter Vibes

Good evening everyone and Happy Spring!

If you’re on the East Coast like me, then you are stuck in this weather confused system and your body is confused too and you know it’s only a matter of days before you’re sick and stuck in bed … but for now, I’m hanging out at home and it’s a winter wonderland outside!

It’s currently 8 pm and it just stopped snowing but had been for about 12 hours – we measured, and we have almost 8 inches of snow, which I’m sure you folks up North are like “okay that’s child’s play,” but it’s a big deal for us Marylanders! It’s been such a long time since it’s snowed this much. The last time it snowed this much was in my sophomore year of college. It was two weeks after Spring Break and we ended up having Spring Break 2.0.

But enough about the past, I’m here to talk about my super relaxing and fun Winter   Wonderland day

First, I completely slept in and woke up at noon, and the entire family had pancakes, which is pretty unusual, usually we just all eat our own thing, toast, bagels, cereal, tea, and a combination thereof, but it was a nice start to the day!


After our pancakes we all drank tea and watched my favorite show ARTHUR, where they all wish for “school-closing” snow, which is exactly what we got today!

Then of course later we all shoveled snow with our new snowblower, which means no more breaking our backs and slaving away over our driveway, and my brother managed to do some good Samaritan deeds as well, which is always a plus

snow snow snow

Then we all came in, and I made the Peet’s Holiday Blend Coffee because well, it seemed appropriate despite it being the end of March, and a salted caramel hot chocolate for my brother!

It was one of those days that was really lowkey but really heartwarming at the same time. Although I missed being in school and back on campus where we would fight the blizzards and trek to the shopping center and go to each restaurant one by one and get enough food for 6 meals, spending time with my family was much wanted and needed 💗💗

Love you so much Mom Dad and lil bro, and thanks for making this snow day a special one!



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  1. your pancakes are so cute!!

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  2. Vy K says:

    Those pancakes look really good!

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