Mamma Mia-ing my way through the Greek Islands

Happy Monday everyone!

If you are in need for some Monday Motivation, or at least a little cheering up on this rather boring day, you’ve come to the right place, because Shivani is back to tell you about her Europe traveling experience, and this time she’s talking about Greece!


Greece 1

Greece is truly the most beautiful place I have ever been! The water is so crystal blue, you would never find such clean blue water in the United States. Greece 2Santorini is all black sand beaches with ocean waves that literally pull you in and Paros is fine sand beaches with very clear shallow water. Paros was perfect place for a non-swimmer like myself! I was able to go 1-2 miles in and have the water barely come up to my shoulders. The water in Paros was so clear you could Greece 3see the fishes swimming past your legs and we were even able to find Patrick the starfish!

Besides spending time relaxing at the beach, playing beach volleyball with the locals and getting a tan, we had the pleasure to get lost in the many villages that make up the islands. We went to sunset cliffside wine tastings in Oia, took a donkey ride around Hydra, hiked up the mountains in Poros, and found ourselves at a nude beach in Ios. Oh, and we ate a lot of gyros, falafel, and souvlakis! Greek food is delicious!

Greece 4The Greeks live a totally different lifestyle. Their days don’t ever start before noon (literally all the shops are closed), and their nightlife does not start before midnight and they stay out until 6-7 in the morning barhopping their way around the island. What a life, am I right? Beach by day, bars/clubs by night!

In Santorini, there is this bar called Two Brothers, Greece 5and they have a “head shot” special. You ask the bartender for a head shot and they put a helmet on you and hand you a shot. As soon as you take the shot, the bartender hits the top of your head with a baseball bat!! Literally the craziest thing I have ever seen. In Paros, the bartender lit the bar on fire…You don’t know what “lit” means until you have been to the Greek Islands… Seriously. Yàmas!



BRB, packing bags and boxes to permanently move to Santorini, or at least, planning a future month long trip there!

Tomorrow is Shivani’s last and final blog post, for now at least! Trust me, the second she goes on another spectacular trip, I’ll be asking her to blog again!

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Until tomorrow 🙂



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