Pumpkin Tea & New Beginnings

Greetings readers!

Happy November everybody!! Is it just me or did 2018 go by really fast?? Can you believe it’s almost 2019? Can you believe Fall is halfway over?

Speaking of Fall, I’m coming to you live, drinking my pumpkin tea (what can I say, some things never change), and realized I have a lot of updating to do!

I always dreamed about my ideal life, but I’ve always envisioned it when I was 40, never really before then.  I had hopes of what my early 20s would be like – lots of travel, lots of love, and lots of fun, and so far… well it’s not exactly what I expected, but I can’t complain.

I told myself that when I’m 23, I will: get my drivers license, get an apartment, and start living my life. So here we go!

Get my Driver’s License – CHECK!

I DID IT GUYS! It only took me… 7 years? Finally I took the test, (March 15, 2018) and I aced it. So yes, one thing down!

Get an Apartment – CHECK!

For quite some time I went back and forth on where I want to live. Sometimes I really loved the suburban life. I loved being able to go to Giant and having a conversation with the cashiers who I’ve known for years, going in for a cup of coffee and ordering my “usual,” going to the mall and seeing someone who I went to school with, and walking around the pond and soaking in the sun. Then the other half of me dreamed of being Blair Waldorf in the big city: drinking coffee on the MET Steps, confidently strutting the streets of New York with my hundred shopping bags, and going to fancy galas and receptions on the weekends.

In the middle of August, I moved from my beloved home in Maryland to the heart of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is the second-largest city on the East Coast and sixth-largest metropolitan area in the country. So there is no limit on restaurants, cultural events, and fun outings! But somehow, it still has a small-town feeling; the city never feels crowded to me, and perhaps it’s also because I’ve become friends with all the baristas in the coffee shops within a mile radius… oops.

Plus how great is it that I’m basically in the birthplace of America? This history and government nerd is pretty excited – it’s no D.C. but it’s nice. Plus the view, is amazing.

So why am I in Philly?

Start Living Out my Life – CHECK! 

Guess who finally started making headway on her lawyer dream! I remember studying in cafes for my LSAT like it was just yesterday … and now here I am, done with 2 1/2 months of my first year of law school! It’s been really hard but I’ve met some amazing people, and I feel like everything that I’ve been working for my whole life is starting to come true. It’s a crazy feeling. Although my blood is 95% caffeine and my stress levels are off the charts.

So I may not be holding shopping bags walking down 5th, or taking evening walks around the Lake, but drinking coffee and people-watching in Rittenhouse Square is pretty great too.




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  1. This Fall Philadelphia student getting ready to change the world aesthetic makes me so happy??? What #goals dude.
    I’m super proud of you! ❤


    1. Sandhya says:

      Thank you so much Katie!! 😘❤


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