Anywhere but Here

Hello lovelies!

Look at that – posting two days in a row, aren’t we ambitious! I wouldn’t get used to it though. 

So remember back in March when I said that I would all of this quarantine time writing more blog posts, and then I fell of the face of the Earth and you all haven’t heard from me since?

Well I’m (trying to be) back 🙂

I can’t believe it’s already August. 7 months of 2020 have come and gone, and I’m still emotionally in March … frozen in time on March 13 when I stopped seeing my friends, going out to eat, and started making a LOT more homemade coffee. 

Quarantine isn’t too bad though. Of course, I’ve been cheating because I’ve been going to work and still getting my share of real people and real life that way. But I do miss seeing my friends and sitting inside restaurants! But mostly I miss studying in coffee shops. I genuinely feel that a part of my personality is missing when I can’t put up Instagram pictures of myself drinking coffee?!

So I decided to do another social experiment. Back in March I asked 25 different people if they could go anywhere in the world (and covid didn’t exist) where would they go? 

Then I asked people again today, in August. 

It was interesting to see how some of the answers changed. 

March Results: 

The sentiment of March was definitely “anywhere but here

9 people said that they would go to a local spot – their favorite restaurant, their favorite coffee shop, or something that’s since been closed because of the pandemic

4 people said that they would be with their SO and travel around the country or world 

1 person said they would want to travel with their friends in Europe because their vacation had been cancelled

The most interesting: 

11 people said that they would go travel the world but would do it alone. 8 of these people are ones that don’t normally travel alone.

It was interesting to see that it wasn’t the issue of being isolated in covid that bothered these 11 people, it was the fact that we couldn’t go where we wanted to go. That lack of freedom was what they missed the most, and not the “being surrounded by people.” When I followed up and asked them if they would have people with them, they all said no. 

August Results:

The sentiment of August is “Home is where my Family is” 

12 people said they would go home to visit family, whether that’s within the United States or internationally. Most people earlier were traveling for fun, but these 12 people specifically said they were going to check in on their family. 

5 person said they would travel with their friends

3 people said they would travel the world and do it alone

3 people said that they would go to their favorite coffee shop/restaurant nearby and would want to feel comfortable sitting inside and enjoying

2 people said they would travel with their SO

Home really is where family is. I hope the travel restrictions ease up at least a little bit and those of my friends who want to/need to visit their family, have the chance to do so. 

As for me? My answer hasn’t really changed. 

Years ago, my family and I visited Geneva. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, and our room had a balcony that you could stand at and look down at the streets, where we could see cute little shops and hanging flowers, and hear the high heels on the cobblestone, and smell the food from the different restaurants below. In the hotel lobby, we had breakfast and I got a kick out of putting little sugar cubes in my tea, and eating toast and marmalade. Pretty simple looking back on it, but it was just so good. The only thing I remember about visiting Geneva is seeing the flower clock, and I do remember riding a cable car at some point, but perhaps that was in Zurich? Looks like I need to go back and make some more memories… 

Back in March I wanted to go myself, but now in August, I’d like to go with my family! These past 4 months, I’ve seen them every day which is not unusual because I see them during law school too! But it’s been nice to have my brother home with us too 🙂


So where are my Hilary Duff fans at? 

When I’m in a crowd
Or on an island by myself
Silent or too loud
Wishing I was somewhere else

Anywhere but here fans, anyone? Although of course she’s saying that she wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here… I wonder how she feels during Covid… 

Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Until next time – Happy August! I hope you’re all staying safe and well.



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