Dreaming of Cold Autumns and First Days of School

I am in a good mood today, I started thinking about how Autumn is almost here and I hope it’s a cold one. I miss sweaters and pumpkin spice chai and wearing glasses while studying at a coffee shop and snuggling in a blanket. And smiling at strangers on the street, and walking to class with my books while the trees are changing around me and you can hear the sound of the leaves crunching underneath my boots. I miss over the knee suede boots and watching children play outside. I miss coming home during the sweet spot of when the weather is changing but the days are still long. I miss getting coffee with my friends to kill the time in between classes and waiting for classes to start, and when a song plays on the radio in the coffee shop that you haven’t heard in a while, how you inadvertently start humming along and daydreaming.

Most of that is not really going to happen this year, but hopefully there’s a different version of it. I think I’ll still try to get take-out from my favorite coffee shops because it’s always good to support small businesses, and once Starbucks comes back with their Pumpkin Spice, then I will be getting a Pumpkin Spice Chai every day (I already told my mom and her reaction was “mhm” which I think meant, ‘Alright, well I can’t stop you, so enjoy I guess?’). I think I’ll be spending more time studying on my deck too – there’s just something about being outdoors!

People joke that August is the “Sunday of Summer,” and I think they’re right. But this is one Sunday that I usually look forward to. I’m going to admit it: I love learning. Being in school means I have the ability to learn anything I want (once I’ve taken the required classes) and can explore so many different avenues.

I’ve been a student for most of my life, but unless I actually go back and get my Masters in Architecture like I’ve been saying I will since I was 20, my last first day of school, is on Monday, August 24th, 2020.

I love the adrenaline right before a new semester starts. I love labeling notebooks and folders, and shopping for supplies: Muji pencils and erasers, Stabilo pens, and all the sticky notes that the Dollar Store has. This year, the adrenaline is still pumping – I’m taking a lot of interesting classes this semester – but the excitement of actually walking to class and getting that first day of school coffee will be missed.

Still, when Monday comes around, I’ll make a nice Hazelnut Coffee on our new Keurig, prep with the new supplies that I inevitably bought even though I likely won’t use many of them, and get ready for my last year of law school 🙂

Until next time! 🙂



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