My 25-Hour Party

Hello everyone! As promised, I wanted to tell you all about my 25-hour party!

So the idea actually came from Margot Robbie and one of my family friends, who did a 24 hour party for their 24th birthday! Even though the idea was so appealing, back when I turned 24, I lived in a tiny studio apartment and there was no way I could host people for 24 hours straight, so I told myself that I would put a pin in it and do it in the future.

Who knew that “in the future” meant one year later? For most of the parties that I host, my Monica-hosting level capabilities kick in. When I hosted my “Fancy Party” and Friendsgiving in 2019, I invited basically everyone I talk to on the street.

The whole idea behind the “Fancy Party” was for guests to wear their favorite clothes, or a fancy outfit they needed an excuse to wear, or anything really that they wanted to because we shouldn’t need to have a reason to dress up, we should just do it because we want to!

But for my 25-hour party, I started with a champagne toast at 5pm on my birthday, and ended with a champagne toast at 6pm the next day. The day was filled with Just Dance and xbox/wii games, karaoke, cake cutting, sleepover, brunch, air hockey and ping pong, and general “do whatever you feel like doing” energy. It was actually one of those events that I was talking about in my last post where I don’t have any pictures from the 25 hours.

Not everyone made it the whole 25 hours – some people left for the sleepover part and came back the next day, some people only came for part 1 or part 2, and some people could only stay for a few hours. Totally understandable because we all have lives and not everyone has 25 hours in a row to kill because we have families, obligations, other plans, etc.

But there were 4 people who made it through most of the 25 hours, and one person who made it through the whole 25 hours. A huge honorable mention to my friend Divya, who was the first to come and the last to leave, and actually partied with me for the full twenty-five hours!!! You go girl!!!

Luckily, this entire thing happened pre-covid (do we even remember life before quarantine??) and it was still safe to go out and eat brunch and hang out with other people, and have indoor parties, so this year will definitely be a lot more lowkey. But maybe for my 48th birthday I’ll host a 2-day party, but let’s be real, probably not.

Have any of you had any quirky birthdays?! 🙂

Before I end this post, I want to give a huge shoutout to my friend Katie! Congratulations on turning 26!! Contrary to what we say, this is NOT late 20s, this is still mid-20s, so I hope you enjoy your last year of being in your mid-20s 🙂 Can’t wait to virtually celebrate with you! 🙂

Until next time! 🙂



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  1. Stephanie Haddad says:

    I LOVEEEE this idea!!! ❤

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