That’s What Falling In Love Is For


Hey Alexa? Create a Spotify playlist called “Sad Bops” and add all the catchy sad songs with great bass.

Of course this is me talking into an empty room because I don’t have an Alexa.

Disclaimer, this is not a blog post where I actually create one of these playlists, but if I ever do, I’ll come back and update this post with the Spotify link to the playlist.

But this is the vibe tonight. I’m currently lying down on my bed typing this on my phone and hoping that I don’t drop my phone on my face, turning on the noise cancelling feature on my headphones, and queueing multiple moody songs in a row and really connecting with each of the songs.

Right now, it’s What Falling In Love is For (hence the title). I heard this song during the pandemic but became re-obsessed with it through HIMYF (heat waves was the same way, where it was on repeat summer of 2020 and then I forgot about it, then Fall 2021 it was back on repeat).

But these are the most peaceful of nights: where you’re just lying on your bed with zero commitments or responsibilities, or at least zero that you need to worry about right now, and just relaxing until it’s time to go to bed.

I find these nights are the best ones; I just came back from dinner with one of my closest friends where I had a great time and we laughed and ranted and I think I only checked my phone once. Now I’m at home, and I’m all set for work tomorrow. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the night doing something for me, regardless of what that may be.

Shortly I’ll probably get up and read a book, read the article I bookmarked on my browser, maybe update my journal, or maybe I’ll just play Candy Crush … but for now, I’m going to keep listening to this song and bopping along to the beat.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about sad nostalgia, and this is a little bit like that. I’m thinking of the summers where I would sit outside on my deck and read, the late nights at Carmen’s Italian Ice with Katie, and the morning blended coffee that I’d make and drink throughout the morning. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s the moments that you never think at the time is a “moment” that you long for the most and are nostalgic for when you’re looking back.

In a few months I may be looking back at this moment right now and remembering how all I had to do at 9:45pm was hang out in my room and do my own thing – with no responsibilities, no one demanding my attention, and with full control over my evening.

And these are the moments that I usually take for granted. So instead, cheers to being able to choose what to do with your time, because that is a luxury that many people don’t have.

If you’re reading this and have that same luxury, then enjoy it the next time you decide to spend time with yourself, the next time you say no to hanging out with someone so you can have some alone time, the next time that you turn off all your notifications and maybe your phone altogether, and focus on yourself. The ultimate luxury 🙂

Of course, everything in moderation.

I read this post today that had a list of questions and the title said “Questions that feel like a hug” and it had the following questions in a list: “are you warm enough? want some coffee? did you get home? are you hungry? what are you doing? do you want to walk there together? when can i see you? what do you need? pick you up at 8? ” And isn’t that so wholesome – that when someone genuinely asks about your well being and engages in these acts of service, we feel like we’re deeply cared for and feel like we’re getting a hug for our soul?

So make sure you make time to check on your loved ones. And while you’re at it, say yes to outings/hangouts at least half the time, and spend your days and nights believing that you deserve all the good things in your life.

Until then, I’ll keep living my life – blogging these moments, writing, rewriting, and editing my podcast, and being grateful for my life, the people in it, and of course, all of you 🙂

Until next time,



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In case you want to listen along:

What Falling in Love is For – Emmit Fenn. Spotify Link

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  1. Carmen’s runs back for 2022! 😎

    I love the questions that feel like a hug thing ❤️ it’s always so nice to know that there are people looking after you 🥰

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    1. Sandhya says:

      Ahhh thank you!!! And yes!! ❤️


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