Celestial Events and Ordinary Moments

Do you ever have those days where you’re filled with a warmth and you don’t even know why? That was me yesterday. On a Monday, no doubt, it was a strange occurrence. But that’s pretty much what my day today was. I woke up early and went to work, I did some writing and editing, I drank some tea and eat some food, and then I went home.

But it felt like one of those summer nights. Those cloudy but warm summer nights where you know that there’s a storm coming because the clouds are screaming “notice me” as they cover everything in a shadow and the gust of wind hurries you along to your car. So naturally, I drive home with the windows down, and music blasting with the bass loud enough for the two cars next to me to subtly look over and wonder, “who is this chick?” Especially when it was the same two songs on repeat for the entire 20 minute ride home.

I don’t even know what happened today to warrant an unexpectedly lovely mood.

I think my happiness today was lingering from my weekend, and the fact that the celestial and atmospheric universe colluded to give me a perfect three days. When I had plans, it didn’t rain, and when I was safe indoors and my plans were done, then the rain would begin. It was really fateful if you think about it.

It was actually one of those weekends where I felt like I got to relax and had a good time, so by the time today came around, I was ready to go – so rare!

Saturday I spent the afternoon with Michael and it was lowkey but perfect. All week I was sure it was going to rain, so Saturday plans were going to be a last minute decision, but the rain graciously waited until we were done hanging out. You know those chill hangouts where you don’t even do anything but you’re happy and you feel refreshed and revitalized and the happiness lingers? That was Saturday for me. Like look, we went for a walk around the local elementary school, swung on the swings for 30 minutes, and then went to the lake and walked some more. That was literally it but it was so relaxing

Sunday, I went to another craft festival with Mark and then had popsicles at the farmer’s market. Mark and I thrive at farmer’s markets – we used to go every weekend last summer and fall to add a kickstart to our routine, and the amount of veggies, peaches, and flowers I bought, were insane, but I’m such a sucker for tulips. So it was nice to rekindle the tradition – maybe now we’ll start it up again!

And if I wasn’t already loving the small town vibes, I drove to Mosaic and then went to another farmer’s market with Edka, which consisted of amazing call your mother bagels, delicious white coffee ice cream (actually I don’t know if it was delicious but I mean, coffee, ice cream, how could it not?!), and small down coffee shops!! Then we proceeded to get our nails done; mine is a cute coral 🙂 Not to mention, the weather was beautiful, and once again, the rain was kind enough to wait for me to finish my plans before showering down.

The rest of my Sunday was lowkey, until the night. A few minutes after midnight, my mom texted me and said, “is there a lunar eclipse today? I heard something about it on the news.” Thank god she listens to the news more than I do.

After a quick scramble and confirmation that the lunar eclipse was indeed happening

Sunday night/Monday morning, my family and I walked outside at 12:08 am (yes I remember the exact time because I remember thinking “today could have been the one day I actually slept at a reasonable time”) to watch the lunar eclipse. We didn’t really have to go far, we just walked down the sidewalk in front of our house, but to go out in the cold was a daunting task

Usually for these things, my thought process is the same

when I’m going downstairs: ugh it’s so cold outside, I really don’t want to go

when I’m outside: I can’t even see the moon, it’s so cloudy outside, what’s the point???

when I spot the moon: oh wow, look at that, that is beyond cool

And I proceed to stare at it for another 5 minutes, and you suddenly somehow feel so small and so great at the same time. You are just a little tiny being, looking at the same moon as 7 billion other people in the world … you are just one of seven billion, you don’t even need to be perfect or take life too seriously, just do your best and try to be happy. But at the same time, one of the seven billion people lucky enough to see the moon and experience this moment. It’s a chilling yet calming feeling.

After about 20 minutes, I was going to head back upstairs and go to bed. I said goodnight to my parents and started walking back to the house … but I basically stayed 10 feet behind them and kept looking at the stars. Once the motion sensing light from our house finally turned off, then the sky was so much brighter and clearer. In the fear of being late to work today, I drudged myself back upstairs. I was about to play another level of candy crush and go to sleep, when I realized this is one of those mundane and ordinary moments that I’ll miss in the future.

There are very few moments in your life where you get to experience something like this, and to share it with my parents, who are so excited about it, is such a great feeling.

So once again, I switched from shorts to sweatpants again, and walked back downstairs, to have a “mundane” moment that I am once again blogging about, because these are the ordinary moments that I want to blog about, which is wild. I’ll say that the pandemic has definitely encouraged a lot more gratitude and I hope we can all exercise it in the mundane moments 🙂

And even as I was typing this last night, I had those perfect and mundane moments. I had Beach Read open next to me bookmarked on page 202, the windows in my room open (I may regret the pollen count soon), and a DW candle (literally no idea what scent it is??) lit in the background. I’ve said it before, but these are the best nights

Hopefully this happiness continues throughout this week!

Happy Tuesday all, and until next time,



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  1. lu says:

    your weekend sounded so pleasant c:

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    1. Sandhya says:

      Omg thank you! It was very nice 🙂


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