Happy 10,000 Days to meee!

Yesterday I reached a crazy milestone — I’ve been alive for 10000 days.

Isn’t that absolutely crazy?? Malcolm Gladwell said that if you do something for 10000 hours, then you become an expert at it. I have the opposite situation, where 10000 days have passed and I have spent 240000 being myself. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on myself though. I think in even the most self-aware moments that I have, I still am learning about myself, what makes me happy, sad, stresses me out, calms me down, and how to best take care of myself. I think it’s an everchanging process.

But 10,000 days is crazy to me. I have done so much in my 10000 days, but still there is so much left to do – so many more dreams to accomplish, so many more places to travel, so many more mistakes to make, people to meet, friends to become close to, relationships to build, nights to stay up, movies to watch, coffees to drink, new cuisines to try, podcast episodes to record, pictures to take, and lives to touch.

And somehow, each of my past 10,000 days have been unique. No two days have been the same – even when I have a really good day and I try to recreate it, I can’t recreate it perfectly. There are people who were my “could have beens” and friends I’ve lost that I miss their friendship dearly. There are moments that I wish I could take back and a lot of “what ifs” and wasted time – but still, if I had the choice to go back in time and do it over, I wouldn’t do anything differently. I made decisions based on what I thought was right at the time, and those consequences have built me into who I am today.

So yeah, I’m not perfect, but it’s been nice being me for 10000 days!

And cheers to many more: for the future, for opportunity, for your loved ones, for your ideas, and for your potential.



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