Mistakes and Epiphanies

Happy May lovelies!

Do you have that one thing that somehow reminds you of something so crazy yet spectacular?

For me that thing is… whipped cream. Today I was reading an article about how a blender doesn’t effectively whip cream because of the low air to cream ratio.. don’t ask, I read a lot of random articles.

For some reason, whenever I think of whipped cream, I think of a future alternative life.

Maybe whipped cream reminds me of this because it reminds me of Giada de Laurentiis, and she seems to have her life together with her kids and her work. Who knows, regardless, this is actually something I’ve been dreaming about for many years.

The life is me in a cute small house with a white picket fence with my husband and two children. Essentially a house in the 50s, or a small town. I imagine the living room being painted in a beautiful Soda Pop Green, and the kitchen a Spirited Yellow (Courtesy of Behr Paint Colors). The floors are hardwood, and to be honest it reminds me a lot of that paint commercial. I imagine being in the kitchen, watching my children play outside on the street with the other kids, finishing the frosting on the cupcakes that are sitting in the oven waiting to be served. I also imagine wearing those A Line floral dresses. Then after the cupcakes are done,  I see myself going to my studio with giant bookshelves, not only with books, but with color coded colored pencils, crayons and paints, sort of like the Japanese store Pigment. Tons of art supplies just for me. Then I see myself taking a giant canvas out and finishing coloring a landscape. After sketching for a few hours, then I’d go on a walk down the street and probably get some ice cream or maybe a funnel cake, and come back, curl up in the den with my family and hang out by the fire.

Picture taken by John Mannes, website: johnmannes.com :)
Picture taken by John Mannes

For some reason, this fantasy comes to me a lot, as if I’ve somehow lived it before. Every few months when I’m in a really good and relaxed mood, then I have the same dream too. The same thing always happen in it, which is interesting. Whenever I’m stressed out, I close my eyes and think about this alternative future.

All of my friends and my family tell me, “you DON’T want to live in a small town” because going from the suburbs to a small town where everyone knows everyone, is going to be a big, unwanted change. Yet for some reason I can’t shake off this version of my life. Maybe it is a mistake, but sometimes you can’t be sure that something is a mistake until after you make it. So maybe this is just a mistake that I have to make.

I’ve never actually told anyone about this, so dearest reader, if you have come this far, then you know me a little more than just “Sandhya, that random chick with a wordpress blog.” You actually know something about me that even my closest friends don’t

Thank you for taking a step into my life, the gift shop is on your right 😉

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  1. vinneve says:

    You know your own self so if you desire that and it makes you happy, why not? they say keep on dreaming and perhaps it will become a reality. I never thought my dreams will come true! so yes better be careful what you wish for 🙂 There is nothing wrong with what you like… I like white picket fences like what we see on TV but there is also a saying that “life gets in the way” so oftentimes reality makes it difficult to get to that stage.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sandhya says:

      Thank you so much!! I definitely agree on the “keep on dreaming” comment, Dream, I definitely will do 🙂 I also like your shared views of how “life gets in the way” – there is no way to tell if what we expect to happen in our lives, actually will, so all we can do is take it one day at a time and see where life takes us 🙂


      1. vinneve says:

        I am talking based on experience 🙂 I get what I want in life by being positive and believing in yourself and yes keep the dream alive 🙂

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  2. I’m all for cupcakes and vintage dresses and art studios, but remember my horror stories about all the racists and the people who knitted around that tree for fun you have to trust me on this.

    Really love your art studio idea and the paint colors though 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sandhya says:

      HAHA yes I know, and I know the next time I see you, you’re going to lecture me once again about how living in a small town sucks, and I’m probably going to ignore you anyway 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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