23 In 23 Days

Hello everyone!

For those of you that are still following me, thanks so much 🙂 Your follow means so much to me, especially when I haven’t posted in over a year!!

I have a backlog of so many blog posts to put up: recounts of my trip to Florida and Harry Potter World, the experience of witnessing a celestial phenomenon when we went to Oregon and watched the solar eclipse in its totality this past summer, and our trip to Victoria in the beautiful British Columbia.

Before I do all of that however, I want to give a little update on my life!

First, I’m turning 23 in 23 days! This is a second part of my “21 days until I turn 21” post from two years ago! Wow, time flies so fast.

In my last birthday post, I said, “I always felt like my 20s will be full of adventures and doing great things, such as traveling to new places, and trying new foods, and meeting new people and learning new languages.. so far, I haven’t done any of that.”

But now I have! Now for a checklist!

Traveling to new places? Check! Traveling to British Columbia was amazing, it was such a beautiful place and I highly recommend it to everyone! On a slightly less glamorous note, I also visited Seattle and hm, although it’s a super cool city, I don’t think it’s for me!

Trying new foods? Check! I did try new foods! Most recently I tried Oyster. It was kind of strange, but an experience none the less. For one of my coworkers last day, we went to a happy hour in a Oyster Bar and I only tried one, but the sauce it came with was quite delicious

Meeting new people? Check! I’ve met some amazing people at my job, and I’ve been able to rekindle with some people who I’ve lost touch with in the past, which I’m extremely grateful about!

Learning a new language? Check! Well, this is a slight exaggeration, but I’ve downloaded Duolingo and am on Lesson 11 in Italian! I am officially 35% fluent in Italian! 😀

I feel like 23 is one of those ages where you need to start getting your life together. Have a good job, probably a potential S.O. soon to turn Fiancée, plans on buying your first apartment, and your first used car with your own money..

Wow I only have 1/3 those things. My job! I love my job 🙂 I work in the government and I actually love working someplace where I can feel myself making a difference. The s.o. the apartment, and the car will have to wait, not to mention oops, still need to get my license.

Regardless, I hope 23 will be a lot of fun, filled with good health, good decisions, and lots of great memories with my family and friends:)

To the rest of you, I hope you all are having a wonderful 2018 so far. I honestly can’t believe it’s February 5th, I feel like the first 5 days of February are going faster than the entire month of January did!

Thanks for reading my post lovely people 🙂

Until next time!



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