Getting up and Moving

Hello everyone!

So in my last post, I talked about transferring law schools and once again uprooting my life from Philadelphia back to D.C. I have a new admiration for those who don’t put down roots in places and instead go and live around the world, exploring, and traveling. As a kid, that’s what I imagined my 20s to be like: traveling by myself, going to different coffee shops and taking aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Then I realized that I hate doing things myself, I never go to “new” coffee shops because I keep having the same thing over and over again, and in terms of aesthetically pleasing pictures… I just can’t frame a shot the way that some people on Instagram can – or even the way that my mom can! So here I am, living a lowkey 24 years, which I can’t complain about either.

Sometimes I still dream about it – deleting all my social media, only telling my family and closest friends that I’m moving, and then showing up in a new city, with no job, and living in a crowded studio apartment. Truly living like a millennial: looking at Zillow and daydreaming about houses I can’t afford, working a minimum wage job, ruining the diamond industry – what a thrill! But then you’re back to reality, and you realize that you like your routine. You enjoy waking up in the same house and seeing your family and your friends. You enjoy going to coffee shops where the manager knows your name and your order so as soon as you walk in, they start making it. You realize that someday you’ll be that person, but for now you’re perfectly happy!

That being said, we went to Chicago this past winter break, and if I were to uproot my life and move to a city, it would be that one. and I can guarantee you that it I wasn’t starting my fourth semester a week later, I would have done it. I’m usually not a city person but Chicago is one of the few exceptions.

Let this be a preview for the blog posts to come, where I tell you all about my travels and what else has been up. I’ll finally tell you life of being a transfer student and the anxiety of being a quarter of a century old!

Until then, happy last day of January everybody, and say hello to the greatest month of the year!



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