Start of Something New

Hey everyone, this is Sandhya and for quite a few years now, I’ve had my travel blog and have been posting on it intermittently – sometimes about traveling, other times about my life. Recently, one of my friends said: “Sandhya, if you wrote a law and lifestyle blog, then people would definitely read it!” 3 semesters in, I figure that it may be too late, but better late than never, and I don’t know if people will “definitely” read it, but here’s giving it a shot!

First, a little bit about me.

There are always things that we don’t tell people: little obsessions, major worries, stress, drama, sorrow … for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s because we think they won’t understand, maybe they’re choosing not to. Maybe we’re tired of always getting our hopes up for no reason, only to be disappointed by others and in yourself … and this is where I’ll turn. This is my escape!

I’ve grown up on the East Coast for most of my life, and I’ve always imagined myself working as a lawyer in a big city, ideally Washington D.C. or Boston. In terms of lifestyle, I definitely don’t live a more glamorous lifestyle than most, and I’ll say straight out, I’m not more fashionable or cooking savvy than most – I’m just a regular 24-year-old girl who wants to share her thoughts with the world.

I’m currently a 2L (a second year law student for those not in the legal sector) at George Washington University in D.C., and I’m actually a transfer student from Philadelphia, so I’ll be talking a lot about my transfer experience, my past 3 semesters in law school, my current and following 2 semesters in law school, experience with law review, arbitration, clinics, and anything else that’s happening in the law school world!

Some people ask me: “where did ‘Coffee and Check-ins’ come from?”

Those of you who are old followers, know that I love coffee and I love traveling. Coffee and Checkins was actually an Instagram account I created last year after a fun trip to Harry Potter world with my college roommates! I loved the name so much that I converted my old blog to match!

So what’s different?”

I’ll be honest, not much. I’m still me, I’m still writing the same way, and I’m still kind of floundering through life 😛

I know there are tons of forums out there and resources of people who can give legal advice, and I may just be another law student who is doing so, but I hope that I can be a resource as well as a friend to a lot of you! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you want to talk! Happy February!



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