Last Day of 23

Here we go guys – last day of being 23!

Although Blink 182 might have said, no one likes you when you’re 23, I gotta say, it was definitely one of the greatest years I’ve had so far – right on par with being 19.

Right now I’m celebrating my last day of being 23 by reading for my criminal law class tomorrow morning, drinking tea, and deciding what to eat for dinner. I’m thinking Tortellini!

And the next two days I have dinner plans with my friends and Saturday morning I have brunch plans as well! And last week I had a lovely celebration with my parents and brother and my friends back home 🙂

I also just came back from my friend’s apartment and she made me this amazing Italian cake with Amaretto cookies on it – no idea what Amaretto is, but damn, Italy knows how to make a dessert!

Overall, I’m enjoying my last 3 hours being 23 and I can’t wait to celebrate more tomorrow!



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  1. That cake sounds fabulous….here’s to the year ahead! *toasts tiny virtual champagne glass*

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